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Lid sinds 24 februari 2017
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Samenwerkingen: 3
Talenkennis : Nederlands, Engels, Spaans

Voorkeuren opdrachten/specialiteiten

Egale make-up Highlights & shadows Smokey eyes Rode lippen 
Valse wimpers Donkere huidtypes (30/u) Aziatische huidtypes (30/u) Bleke huidtypes (30/u) 
Make-up voor catwalk (40/u) Make-up voor fotografie (35/u) Make-up mannen (25/u) Make-up rijpere huid (30/u) 
Facechart ontwerpen (20/u) Naturelmake-up (25/u) Zonnemake-up (25/u) Dagmake-up (25/u) 
Avondmake-up (35/u) Bruidsmake-up (50/u) Feestmake-up (40/u) Oogcorrigerende maquillage 
Workshop visagie (35/u) 


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NaamSara Conesa Llorente
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Sara Conesa Llorente
Portfolio van Sara Conesa Llorente

Over Sara Conesa Llorente

I work as a freelance make up artist and I would like to have the chance to do photo shoots with good teams, ideally including models + photographers + stylists + hairdressers. I can adapt easily depending on what is needed and the situation, and I tend to give a chance to everyone regardless of their level of experience.

My availability is limited to mostly weekends.
The prices shown are for particular clients who want to have their makeup done for a special occasions.
For commercial use, I charge 150€ for the first 3 hours and 30€ for each hour afterwards.
I don't mind doing TFP if I find the project interesting and enriching to my portfolio, so I am always open to hear what your ideas are.


I've worked in numerous photoshoots, both high and low key, with some of the pictures published in paper and online magazines. I work in studio and outdoors, with enough time and preparation everything is possible.



I'm very creative and will voice my opinion freely unless told to not do so. I prefer to work on unique/out-of-the-box ideas instead of the more generic ones, but if I've got the time and energy I'll pretty much say yes to whatever comes by =)


Legenda van de albumkleuren :
= Basisalbum (ongesorteerd)    
= Samenwerkingsalbum met ander lid    
= Themaproject met ander lid    
= Demo eigen specialiteit 
= Vrij onderwerp modelfotografie     
= Filmpjes over mijn ervaring

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#2   Bestandsdatum : 24-02-2017
Auteur visagiste Sara Conesa Llorente -
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